Vickeblanka is a versatile songwriter/composer.

"Masshiro" from album "wizard“ (2018) gained a surge of attention as a featured song in a TV series and marked #2 on
the iTunes Japan Top Album Chart. "Masshiro" hit #1 in the USEN Request: J-POP HOT30, YouTube MV Trending
videos, and LINE MUSIC real-time ranking. In the following year, "Ca Va?" was featured in a TV advert for Spotify
Japan, and the third album "Devil” (2020) hit #1 on the iTunes J-POP charts. “Black Catcher” (2020) and “Black Rover”
(2018) which were opening theme tracks for the anime series "Black Clover" continues to be a global hit, making more
than 1.7M monthly listeners of Vicke Blanka on Spotify.
In 2022, released “BEST ALBUM SUPERVILLAIN” to celebrate the 5th anniversary of his major debut, and in the same
year, he made his first arena concert in Japan. This year, Vicke Blanka has been active overseas showing his
unstoppable expansion of activities beyond the Japanese market, and in October, a new EP, "Worldfly,” will be
released which will be a collection of music inspired by his experiences in various countries he recently visited.